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CEEL understands what drives companies to have competitive advantage over others. Excellent customer experience through our unique approaches of identifying all customer interactions in all touch points, brands, past and present research leads to low cost and growth courtesy of satisfied customers’ word of mouth. Our approach which combines training and consultancy helps clients develop customer service strategies that meet their customers’ expectations and are sustainable. We help you innovate, differentiate and be the Unique you, leading to retaining your customers and increasing your customer base and be the employer of choice.

CEEL believes that government institutions to are expected by the public to provide excellent customer service. The customers being the public expect to see good service after paying their taxes. Our consultancy and training is shaped around providing customer service that will wow everybody.

Methodology used on Training

  • (a) Role play.
  • (b) Class work
  • (c) Hands on
  • (d) Games
  • (e) Presentation
  • (f) Case study
  • (g) Film show

Summary of what we do:

Customer Perception and Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys play a pivotal role in organizations knowing the perception their customers have about them and what needs to be improved. We work together with you to come up with the best strategies to engage your customers and achieve sustainable growth.

Customer Service Charters

We shall work together to provide a detailed frame work which clearly defines service delivery standards, your customer’s rights and how your customers’ complaints will be handled.

Customer Service Strategies

We shall engage you and together we shall create a vision for your customer service, assess customers’ needs, and create guidelines on hiring for customer service. Customer service training for all the staff is paramount and will be part of the package. CEEL together with your organization will work to marry your customer service vision with your overall organization’s goals. Other areas that will be looked into are employee accountability strategies geared towards customer satisfaction and creation of a reward and recognition system.

Customer Experience Strategies

A clear unique and implementable vision is the secret to excellent customer experience. We will work together to define this vision for customer experience strategy with a global outlook. Together we will determine all aspects of customer experience.

Our starting point

Our starting point is meeting with your key stakeholders to capture your overall strategic objectives, vision, and mission and aligning them with your customer service and experience strategies. To create an enabling environment to assess the current experiences and pain points, with your involvement, we shall carry out a competitive analysis together with an audit of customer touch points to assess current experiences and pain points.


Our duration of creating customer experience strategy is 6- 10 weeks. Customer service and experience training takes a minimum of 2 days whose class does not exceed 30 participants.


Our customer experience strategy approach provides a solid framework to improve and build connected experiences based on your goals’ business drivers and customer expectations We use CEEL’s experience quadrant model as a first step, to measure how well your product and service is executing in four key quadrant – Experience audit, behavioral audits, business operations audits and sustaining change BRIZER experience quadrant, as well as other innovative tools and techniques will be used to help you align your business objectives, vision, mission and goals with customer expectation guiding future customer services efforts

CEEL’s Experience Quadrant Model

  • i. Assess operational environment of staff and impact
  • ii. Assess all the customer touch points and impacts
  • i. Assess behaviors of staff
  • i. Assess competition
  • ii. Technology
  • i. Assess commitment towards customer experience by management and their staff


The outcome will be a road map for the successful implementation of your customer strategy, which is vital in exceeding customer expectations and achieving your business goals.


Teambuilding’s role as a growth strategy for organizations cannot be undermined. Nobody can work in isolation trying to fulfill the overall organization’s goal. Employees and their managers need to work together in order to achieve their daily goals and eventually the main organization’s overall goals. Teambuilding helps employees and their managers strengthen their relationship. With strong relationships customers will be well taken care of and the financial growth will not go down the hill.

Customer Experience Excellence Limited aims to provide a creative team building experience that will have a positive lasting effect on your business organization. Team building events are designed to put participants into unfamiliar places outside of the office, where the atmosphere is casual and in formal so that your employees can act in a more true to self manner adding to the effectiveness of the team building exercises and activities. At CEEL we believe that people learn when they are having fun through thought-provoking team building activities that have physical, intellectual, social, and business components.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an activity where independent individuals pose as customers, to provide organizations with unbiased opinion of their performance. CEEL conducts mystery shopping as a means to get an over view of where organizations’ weakness and strengths are, the result coupled with organizations own observations forms a customized structure for training in customer service and experience. While it is not a prerequisite for training, we advise it for the purpose of having to note what needs to be improved from an outsider’s point of view, which in this case sees the service through the customers’ eyes.

Event Management (Corporate Event Management)

  • Logistics Management
  • Delegate Management
  • Venue Management
  • Event Materials & Badging


  • Builds trust
  • Builds relationships
  • Increases communication
  • Develops fun
  • Stimulates strategic thinking
  • Encourages positive risk-taking
  • Promotes accountability
  • Emphasizes on confidence of independence on roles and responsibilities
  • Encourages creative problem-solving
  • Builds confidence that colleagues can be dependent upon when need arises
  • Strengthens positive team attitudes
  • Simulates team decision making